Discover the Best Garden Soil: How to Achieve It

Great soil is without a doubt the true foundation of a garden that is nice and healthy. Take a look at your home and know that if your foundation is poor, you will be subjected to a whole host of issues. The right soil mixture will help you to grow some of the best vegetables, fruits, and herbs and keep you from having to add all sorts of fertilizers throughout each growing season. As a matter of fact, the more work that you put into your garden soil, in the beginning, the more benefits you will have year after year with each harvest.

gardenBuilding up a garden and great soil is not a difficult process. A lot of people will start off by tilling or shoveling a portion of their yard and digging up the dirt to put in some new plants. The success of your garden is going to depend greatly on the health of your soil. The more effort that you put into your soil mixture, the better quality you will be able to get out of each crop.

Ways to Make Your Garden Soil Fertile

Look To Organic Matter

It has been known for hundreds of years that livestock manure is a very beneficial addition to your garden soil. However, you need to make sure that you apply the manure using a lot of care. If a manure mixture ends up overused, there can be an excess quantity of some of the nutrients, namely phosphorus. It is sometimes best to use fresh manure on crops that are fast growing and heavy feeding, such as corn.

Introduce Compost

compostThere are a lot of people who use composting as a way to recycling a lot of their organic waste materials. It can help you to reduce materials while stabilizing soluble and volatile nutrients while speeding up humus soil formation. You can add around a quarter of an inch of compost per season to give you a decent slow release of nutrients for your crops. This can also help to improve the water retention of your soil while suppressing diseases.

Utilize Mulch

The use of organic mulch is a nice way to cover your soil while adding a layer of protection. The mulch is great for helping to retain the moisture that your garden soil needs while also protecting against some of the different extremes in the weather. You should also know that earthworms, microbes and other forms of soil life will be able to nibble on the mulch and then incorporate their valuable waste residue into the topsoil. High carbon mulch mixes can also be a great way to help you control weeds in your gardens and flower beds.

Mind Your Foot Traffic

pathwayWhen you are putting together your garden, it is going to be in your best interest to make use of permanent paths and beds. This way, you can have permanent beds that you can use for planting with your best soil mixtures while restricting all of your foot traffic to your pathways you have made. This will help you to cut down on compaction in any of your growing areas, and you can make sure that there is no other matter that is getting into your growing beds from foot traffic. Mulch can also be used in footpaths as a nice way to help you shred up some of your materials including leaves of straw. You can sometimes transfer this material to your beds for mulching times.

No matter what, you want to pay attention to what your crops are telling you. This will be a good way to monitor your results and tell if you are on the right track with your garden soil.

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