Growing A Marijuana Crop – Things To Consider

Now that marijuana is legal in several states (yet citizens can still fail a UA for THC), you may be interested in growing your own for consumption or sale. Growing quality marijuana take hard work and dedication, but when you do it right, you can reap big rewards. If you are willing to do what it takes, the advice below can help you bring in a quality harvest.

1. Always Grow From Seeds

Some growers use clones to start their crop, but this has many issues. Clones tend to fall prey to disease and pests and many pass on genetic weaknesses into your crop. Additionally, you will most likely order your clones over the internet which means they will arrive in the mail. When they arrive, they will most likely be in a state of shock which automatically adds two to three weeks to your growing time. And that’s if the plants survive. Instead, use that extra two to three weeks to grow your sprouts from seeds.

2. Ensure You Are Planting Feminized Seeds.

Many people take their new seeds, grow their sprouts and then begin planting. What they do not realize is that they are trying to grow all male plants. This means their crop will not pollinate. Check carefully and ensure you are growing feminized plants.

3. Have Good Ventilation And Enough Space

If you are growing inside, ensure you prepare your space well. Your grow space should be well-sealed so that aroma and light do not escape. You must also provide for good ventilation and enough grow lights.

4. Begin With Good Soil

There is nothing quite as important as the soil you use. Always use a high-quality organic soil so your plants will have plenty of nutrients. There should be little need fo adding any nutrients to the soil if you begin with organic soil.

5. Stay Away From Boosters and Fertilizers

Be very careful not to overfeed your plants. This can cause root burn and produce damaged leaves. It can also create an overall weaker plant that will not be able to process properly light and grow to its full potential.

6. Start Your Seeds Inside

Always start your seeds in an environment you can control Try planting each seed in a small seed pot and maintain even warmth and moisture until the seeds sprout.

7. Do Not Overwater

Cannabis plants do not like too much water. Additionally, they like their soil to be slightly acidic, somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. Plan to water your plants enough to keep them at a soil pH of 6.0. Monitor your pH regularly.

8. If You Are Growing Outdoors

Prepare your spot very carefully. It is best to get started on your soil in the autumn before winter sets in. Winter moisture from snow and rain will help keep the soil healthy and ready to plant in the spring.

9. Harvest When The Plants Are Ready

You can tell the plants are ready for harvest by looking at the buds. The normal white pistils will be brown or rusty red.

Follow these tips for a great marijuana harvest. Be safe and be careful.

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