Tips For Farmers Market Vendors – Beginner Advice

marketCongratulations on making a commitment to your local community and its growers, while dedicating yourself to better health and wellness for yourself and your family. Through the help of these tips for farmers market shopping, you will be equipped to handle the crowds and competition to secure your goods.

Whether you are going weekly, monthly, or are just trying it out the first time, you need to be prepared to navigate with this beginner advice. For starters, bring plenty of strong and sizable re-usable grocery bags. The next big deal is to arrive early.

Get a good parking spot that is as close to the farmers market as possible. If you can, get a map and a list of the vendors and their products that are available. Determine what you like and decide what you need most. This will help you prioritize your efforts and work efficiently.

If you think that the mall is busy the day after Thanksgiving, you have seen nothing yet! Farmer’s markets get super busy and make it a challenge to get the jam, famous cinnamon rolls, and delicious, wholesome grains you want before they run out.

Additional tips for farmers market vendors are to advertise your appearance at the farmer’s market. If you have easy access to the market, let your followers know beforehand.

Let them know the closest parking spots to reach you and how much product will be available. If there is coverage should it rain or snow, alert them of that as well. Your patrons will appreciate it.

For vendors, the idea is to help ease the flow of both vehicle and foot traffic. Alert customers of your presence, and let them know what will be available for purchase. Provide links to the individual growers, flower sellers, and other vendors’ websites and social media accounts.

Provide pricing wherever possible. And, always provide enthusiastic and optimistic marketing and advertising information as well. Be sure to keep the stalls clean, and ensure that the air is kept fresh as well. A waft of old fish is the most unpleasant scent and makes customers wonder whether the foods are actually fresh or not.

Consider how you will handle the checkout process, and who will provide bags. Will the vendors provide them on their own, or is there going to be a main checkout area? If not, just make sure everyone has some type of memento to take home with them that has the farmers market’s name on it.

This will quietly promote the events that you run while starting a conversation and helping customers send new customers your way too. Make online email lists and allow for sign ups at the farmer’s market too.

The other way to reach potential customers is by having a YouTube channel, and posting videos there, on your website and social media. From there you will find that you will build customers who enjoy their time even more every time they go to the farmer’s market.

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